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This was my favorite Christmas in a long time. Great families, food, friends, conversations and snow!! I spent a night at my inlaws last night and woke up with snow on the ground. This is my new self portrait. I’ve been think a lot about generations lately. The people we come from. I wanted a picture of the choir boy, and at first I was disappointed with this photo, but I really like it now. My brother-in-law is walking by, and you can see all the snow. It captures my wonderful Christmas, and makes me feel like I belong.


A big thanks to Della with and Beautiful blogs and I am so happy to be featured!

i am crafty

I love making things and sometimes I get so tired of the computer. I have to take a break and make something crafty so I started knitting. My grandmother tried to teach me when I was little and it didn’t stick. I took another crack at it, and I kind of like it! I made a scarf, but its way too small. 🙂 I am also trying to get more organized, so I made a calendar.


Here are a few posters I designed for Metto (the coffee shop my husband manages). I like doing graphic design every now and then, and I am available for hire if anyone needs a poster. 🙂

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