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I’m just starting to make movies. I’ve only made 3, but I have already learned a whole lot. For example: taping your phone to your imac, good in theory, not in real life. More coming soon. 🙂

this is happy cola. its the first one i made.

pong fin: getting a little better.

I made this one with my new iphone!!

i like making movies.

I am learning to make stop motion films. Here are the 3 I have made so far. I’ve learned a lot. for example: you should not tape your iphone to your imac if you want to make a movie.

here are a couple more:

iphones are fun!

my front porch

on the way to michigan


New Orleans!!

monster plant

Church street

its a baby!

Laurel and Jason are one of my favorite couples I ever shot. They had a little wedding on the beach and they rode a moped to red drum for lavender cocktails. Now (1 year later) they are expecting!

Everybody loves strawberries!

I am so pleased with these!! Meghan and Dane are so sweet, and such champs. I made them trek all over this farm way out in the country. We had such a good time picking strawberries. I am really looking forward to their wedding.

Matt and Nicole get engaged!

I am so looking forward to this wedding. Matt and Nicole are wonderful subjects. Matt’s uncle Preston put the cross in the harbor, so we went on a little adventure out there. I had such a good time.

Kelly’s bridal portraits

Kelly is wonderful, and so cute. We had a lot of fun, Kelly, Chapel and I, running all over Charleston for these.

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