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Congrats Nicole and Matt!!

Happily Married on June 11th, 2011. Congrats you two, it was so fun!

Mackinac island

My husband and I just spent A week on Mackinac Island. It was the most wonderful, refreshing vacation We’ve had in a while. We hiked, biked, and ate potluck dinner. We met a wonderful woman at the coffee shop, and she invited us to stay with her. So we packed up the car and headed up there. I didn’t bring my camera (im on vacation, do you expect me to work?) but I DID bring my iphone. I am so impressed with that little guy. I had a blast taking videos. Every night we walked down to the lake and watched the sunset. We had some of the best conversations down there.

Elecia and Jimmy

I LOVE these two!!! I am so excited for your wedding, congrats you guys!

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