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Kelly and Tony Chu

Grandma turned 90! I love this family. They are so gracious. I sat with everyone and ate a lot of really fantastic food. Not just the delicious food on the menu, but the really wonderful food the family eats. Thank you red orchids, for such a great night.

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I love the light at Hope and Union. Such a great place for photos. Jenny is a wonderful model, and I am so glad to spend a little time and get to know her.

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What a beautiful person inside and out. I absolutely LOVE Parahita!

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William is such a cool kid. He is 8, and he loves chess, video games and soccer. I had so much fun playing with him, although he did beat me when we played chess. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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I think FB is a wonderful tool. It keeps me connected with friends, family and my clients. That being said, here is my new page!

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