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Jordan’s Bridal session

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Historically I am not too good at keeping plants alive and healthy, but this year is different! We have a new place, with a fabulous backyard, and I cannot wait for Summer veggies!! I’m starting with good soil, and sprouting seeds myself (well, I need a lot of help from Tripp). We are making raised beds called Hugelkulturs, and I think it will really help us get a lot from a little bit of land. Right now our Collards are doing well, and the strawberries I rescued are coming back nice and strong. I think I can do this! Here is some progress, and I will post more as things happen. I love watching my little sprouts grow leaves, but I will spare you the day-to-day growth. 🙂hugelkulturs mini hugels! turtle friend

ready to take on that garden!!

ready to take on that garden!!

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